Cook like a pro with MasterChef Cookware

Don’t miss out on the new range of professional-quality MasterChef cookware, available to collect at Coles.

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Make your cooking shine with the new range of professional-quality MasterChef cookware, available to collect at Coles. 

For cooking success, you need great ingredients, excellent recipes and quality pots and pans, like the new range of Coles MasterChef Cookware. To celebrate its launch, here’s our basic guide to cooking in and caring for these kitchen workhorses.

Whether you’re setting up a kitchen for the first time or looking to replace old pots and pans, it’s worth investing in good-quality items. That way you won’t spend more on replacing them, or contribute to landfill by throwing them out. 

"Stainless steel pots and pans are my pick – they’re hard-working and always reliable."

Luke Mangan, Aussie chef, restaurateur & Coles ambassador

Cookware cheat sheet

Looking for quality pots and pans? Enter the MasterChef Cookware range at Coles – it works on any hob, including induction, and is durable, thanks to high-standard materials including stainless steel. Learn about key features of the range, then read on for more details and cooking inspiration.

24cm steamer

Fitting snugly inside the stockpot or casserole pan, this is made from durable stainless steel with a mirror polished finish.

*Lid not included with 24cm steamer.

24cm steamer

24cm casserole pan with lid

Slightly less deep than a traditional casserole pan, this all-rounder is suitable for the stovetop and the oven (up to 180°C with the lid or 200°C without).  

24cm casserole pan with lid

24cm stockpot with lid

This has a heavy base for browning foods and deep sides to hold plenty of liquid. The lid has a pop-up vent that releases steam slowly for maximum energy efficiency. 

24cm stockpot with lid

20cm frypan 

The perfect size for omelettes, pancakes and dry-toasting nuts, this non-stick pan is hard-wearing thanks to its high-tech ceramic crystal coating. 

20cm fry pan

26cm frypan 

This has the same three-layer superior non-stick coating as the 20cm pan (above), but the larger size is handy for everyday family meals. Both fry pans are easy to clean, and oven safe up to 200°C.

Frying pan with pasta and tomatoes on a kitchen table with cutlery and fresh herbs beside

18cm saucepan

The perfect size for boiling eggs or reheating leftovers, this handy pan heats food evenly, while the long Y-shaped handle is lightweight, well-balanced and comfortable to hold.

18cm saucepan

Stir frypan with lid

An aluminium plate in the stainless steel base gives you fast heat conduction for stir-frying. The tough tempered glass lid lets you keep an eye on the cooking process when simmering or steaming.

Stir fry pan with lid

How to use your cookware

The MasterChef cookware is made from easy-to-clean stainless steel. To care for your pots and pans, avoid using metal utensils and go for wooden or silicone instead. Clean using hot, soapy water and avoid steel wool or brushes that can scratch. See our guide below to learn which dishes and cooking styles are best suited to each item in the range.

Frypans: Small and large pans cover you from breakfast to dinner. A small (about 20cm) fry pan is perfect for toasting nuts, making pancakes or cooking an omelette. A larger fry pan (about 26cm) is great for cooking all sorts of meat and fish and sautéing vegetables.

Saucepans: With their tall, straight sides, saucepans are a superhero in the kitchen. To avoid wasting time and energy heating up a pan that’s too big for what you’re cooking, make sure you have a small saucepan in your collection. Small pans are handy for making sauces and soups.

Stockpot: Some recipes require lots of liquid – such as stocks and soups. For these jobs, you need a large, deep pot with a lid to give you control over the evaporation process – whether you want a rapid boil or a long, slow simmer – plus two handles so you can lift it more easily.

Casserole pan: A wide two-handled pot with higher, straighter sides than a fry pan, a casserole pan is great for meals that need some liquid, such as bolognaise sauce, but not enough liquid to need a stockpot. When used with a lid, it’s perfect for stovetop slow cooking. 

Stir frypan: When it comes to quick midweek meals, it’s hard to beat a stir-fry. A stir fry pan has high, sloping sides to make it easy to move ingredients around. This also helps with control and even heat distribution. The deep sides make these pans handy for deep-frying or steaming, too.

Steamer: Steaming food, such as vegetables and Asian-style dumplings, over simmering water is a gentle way of cooking. The 24cm steamer fits perfectly in the top of the MasterChef stockpot or casserole pan. Add your ingredients, pop on a lid, and the steamer will work its magic.

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