Curtis Stone's best-ever seafood starters

Kick off your feast with these seafood starters from Curtis. They’re refreshing and delicious. 

1. Curtis Stone's mini prawn tostadas with mango salsa 

These mini prawn tostadas are served with a zesty mango salsa. They’re the perfect bite to whet your appetite. 

2. Curtis Stone's smoked salmon with beetroot yoghurt and herbs

This smoked salmon and beetroot yoghurt is an unbeatable flavour combination. 

3. Curtis Stone's smoked salmon carpaccio

Whip up Curtis’ smoked salmon carpaccio for a fresh-tasting starter. 

4. Curtis Stone's prawn platter with whipped avocado

Pair prawns with Curtis’ whipped avocado for the ultimate starter. Serve with lime wedges for extra fresh flavour.