Easy festive finger food

Catching up with friends and family for the festive season? Make it your best spread yet with these simple recipes. 

1. Vegetarian rice paper rolls 

These veggie-packed rice paper rolls are refreshing and feature all the colours of the rainbow – the perfect way to kick off a festive feast. 

2. Smoked salmon toasts 

These crunchy toasts topped with tasty herbs and salmon are super quick and easy to make - ideal for entertaining.

3. Red chicken curry sausage rolls

Cooking for a crowd? Serve up these red chicken curry sausage rolls - they’ll disappear before your eyes!

4. Mini corn fritters with smoked salmon

Whip up these corn fritters to kickstart your festive feast. 

5. Spinach and pumpkin party pies 

Golden and flaky, these veggie-packed pies are guaranteed to be a hit. 

6. BBQ prawns with mango mayonnaise 

Smoky prawns paired with creamy mango mayo - the ultimate combo!