Fast and fresh weeknight dinners

These speedy meals are all made with fresh ingredients. They’re perfect for those nights when you’re running low on time. 

1. Air fryer salmon and zucchini kebabs 

This tasty salmon and zucchini combo is made easy in the air fryer. 

2. Pork steaks with mixed bean salad

Served with a mixed bean salad, these delicious pork steaks are a filling dinner option. 

3. Oregano chicken with grilled corn salad

Take your next chicken dish up a notch with this herbed chicken and grilled corn salad. 

4. BBQ lamb with warm broccoli salad 

This flavourful BBQ lamb and broccoli salad recipe is bursting with goodness. 

5. Tofu and avocado quinoa bowl 

Try this delicious tofu and avocado grain bowl for an easy meat-free meal.