Festive wine pairings made simple

Your essential guide to the perfect drinks for your classic Christmas feast, from seafood to turkey.  

Glazed ham

Glazed ham is a perfect dish for Christmas and nothing pairs better with the salty-sweet flavours than pink wine such as crisp rosé or a sparkling pink Champagne. If you prefer red wine, you can’t go past the brightness and elegance of a Tasmanian pinot noir.


Turkey can be paired with either white or red wine. The white flesh and gaminess of the meat mean you need a white wine with good body, such as chardonnay, or an elegant and subtle red like a good pinot noir. They both complement rather than overpower the delicate and delicious taste of the turkey.


Some believe in a food mantra that says “pink meat equals pink wine” but salmon also works extremely well with a rich pinot gris or a great fizz which can cut through the rich character of the fish.

Barbecued lobster

The perfect partner to this delicacy is Champagne – the creaminess of the wine, with its elegance and balance. If Champagne isn’t for you, then clean fresh Western Australian whites such as chardonnay and semillon-sauvignon blends are also beautiful partners for this Christmas treat.

Smoked salmon starters

Like with a salmon main, you want something fresh, bright and vibrant to drink. Nothing matches a smoked salmon starter better than fruity prosecco, zippy riesling or dry, crisp rosé. For a hot summer Christmas there is no better way to start a great lunch.

Pork with crackling

Pinot noir is always a safe and delicious match for pork, but other reds also make a great pairing. Try a red blend that has a lot of grenache (like Vale Organics): the bright red raspberry fruit is the perfect partner for your Christmas pork. If you want to try something a little different, why not choose a savoury and subtle Italian chianti from Tuscany? 


Nothing says Christmas in Australia like prawns, and a great wine match choice is one with bitey and fresh notes. While riesling will always be a partnership made in heaven, why not try some perfectly matched pinot gris and grigio as well? 

Traditional Christmas pudding

Did you know the rich, juicy flavours in a classic Christmas pudding go really nicely with an easy-drinking cabernet? And it’s always great with a nip of your favourite smooth whisky. 

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