Freezable lunch box ideas

You’ll always be prepared thanks to these freezer-friendly lunch box ideas. 

Zucchini slice

The kids will love this veggie-packed slice – and so will you! 

Lemonade scones 

These fluffy scones are a must-try treat for school lunch boxes. 

White choc chip banana bread

For the ultimate sweet surprise, try this moist banana bread studded with white chocolate. 

Macaroni ‘n’ cheese muffins 

Shake up the school routine with these kid-approved macaroni ‘n’ cheese muffins.

Gluten-free carrot cake 

Put a wheat-free twist on the classic cake using our delicious recipe. 

5-ingredient bacon & egg quiches 

These easy 5-ingredient egg and bacon quiches make a great lunch-box filler or an easy brekkie in a hurry. 

Tuna & zucchini slice 

Turn tuna, veggies and tasty cheddar into a filling and tasty bite for the kids.