Fry it like a pro

There’s still time to complete your MasterChef Cookware set from Coles. Here’s a guide to the handy MasterChef stir frypan that you can use for our sweet and savoury recipes.

Cooking with a frypan

Want to be more confident in the kitchen? Give yourself a headstart by using professional-quality equipment like the MasterChef Cookware range available at Coles. As well as a saucepan, casserole pan, stockpot, steamer and non-stick frypans in two sizes, the range includes the 28cm stir frypan that comes with a lid. Read on for more info, then try our great recipes.

Why you need it

Wide with a heavy flat base and high sloping sides, the stir frypan isn’t only your go-to pan for stir-frying, but you can also steam and deep-fry in it too. Unlike traditional woks which need to be carefully seasoned to prevent food sticking, this pan has a premium non-stick surface to make cooking and cleaning easy.

Key features

Here’s what makes the MasterChef Stir Frypan a kitchen essential.

The base: the flat base keeps the pan steady on the stove. An aluminium layer inside allows it to heat up fast for efficient stir-frying.

The coating: the three-layer ceramic reinforced coating is made with hardened Swiss crystal powder to help prevent scratches.

The lid: the stir frypan comes with a tough tempered-glass lid for trapping in heat and steam during cooking, for fast and efficient results. 

The handle: the long Y-shaped stainless steel handle is designed to be well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Make sure you keep the handle well away from direct heat and always take care when handling hot pans.

How to care for your stir frypan

Look after your pan with these tips.

Avoid scratches: protect the non-stick coating by only using silicone, nylon, plastic or wooden utensils for cooking – sharp edges or metal utensils can scratch the surface.

Check the temp: all MasterChef pans are oven-safe without the lid for up to 1 hour at temperatures up to 200°C, or 180°C if you’re using the lid.

Wash wisely: sudden temperature changes are a no-no if you want to maintain the shape of your pan, so let it cool down before washing. The non-stick surface should wipe clean easily with a cloth or non-scratch scourer. To keep your pan looking as good as new, wash it by hand, rather than in the dishwasher, and dry it before storing.

Want to cook like a pro? See how Coles ambassadors Luke Mangan and Courtney Roulston use the clever MasterChef Cookware at

How to collect your Masterchef Cookware

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