Heart-healthy dishes

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury, these heart-healthy recipes are all must-tries.

1. Air fryer chicken with quinoa salad 

Served with a quinoa salad, this golden air fryer chicken makes for an easy and delicious dinner.

2. Turkey mushroom burger

Switch up burger night with these easy turkey and mushroom burgers. 

3. Tofu and green bean stir-fry

Packed with tofu and beans, this stir-fry dish is a great meat-free option. 

4. Chicken, black bean and corn salad 

Try this filling salad recipe - it’s loaded with chicken, black beans and corn. 

5. Baked tahini pumpkin and chickpea noodles 

This delicious noodle dish features tender roasted pumpkin and chickpeas.