How to boil eggs

Do you like them super gooey or hard and set? Follow our guide to cooking boiled eggs just the way you like them.


Bring a saucepan of water to the boil, then gently slide unshelled eggs into the water.


Cook for 4 mins for a set white and a runny yolk (great for dippy eggs) or 6 mins for a hard white and a runny yolk. Adding eggs to a salad? Cook for 8 mins for a hard white and a creamy yolk, or keep cooking for up to 12 mins for a hard white and yolk.


Transfer eggs to a bowl of iced water to cool for 5 mins before peeling.

If you’re after perfectly centred yolks, gently stir the eggs after adding to the pan - this stirring motions helps to centre the yolks.

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