How to cook the perfect steak

Curtis Stone shows us how to nail the perfect steak every single time. From choosing the right cut of meat to getting the chargrill to the right temp before cooking, he lays all his tips and tricks on the table. 


First, choose your steak (like porterhouse - very flavoursome!). You can also choose a scotch fillet or ribeye steak, which has fat marbled through it that makes it a bit more tender. The classic T-bone has the porterhouse on one side and the fillet on the other – it’s big but you can slice it up and share it between two people or save the rest to put in a steak sanga. All of these tender cuts are ideal for quick cooking over high heat, rather than those tougher cuts that you want to cook more low-and-slow.


Season the steaks with salt and pepper. Do this on both sides – it’s an important step because when you get the steaks onto a hot grill it’s going to sear them and you’ll get a delicious crust on the outside. Then just drizzle them with oil and rub it all over.  You don’t need a lot of oil to cook a steak perfectly.


It’s up to you whether you cook steaks on the barbecue plate or the grill, it depends if you want to see those lovely grill marks! Either way, what you want is to get that beautiful caramelisation on the meat. Thick steaks will need around two and a half minutes on each side. A thinner steak will cook more quickly than a thick steak or a bone-in steak like the T-bone. Halfway through, flip it over. Put it back down on a different part of the grill to help avoid any flare-ups.


Once the steaks are cooked, let them rest before serving. Don’t skip this step – it’s the key to a perfectly succulent and juicy steak. A good rule is to rest the steak for at least half the cooking time. This lets the juices at the surface be distributed back through the meat. If you cut into it straight away without resting, those juices will run out, you’ll lose that flavour and the steak will be dry.

You can serve the steak on its own with a salad or veggies, or whip up a simple sauce to go with it like chimichurri or a little bit of flavoured butter. Beautiful.

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