How to make a gingerbread city

Our Christmas fruitcake with gingerbread city is a real show stopper. It's also surprisingly easy to assemble. Follow these tips for 2 clever ways to decorate your gingerbread. 

1. Create patterns

Use a skewer to make indents on half the dough shapes before baking. Draw lines and dots in different patterns to create buildings.

Create patterns on the dough

2. Let it snow

Use a fine sieve or tea strainer to dust the cooked, cooled gingerbread generously with icing sugar. Make sure you have an even coverage.

Dust the gingerbread with icing sugar

3. Dust off

Lightly rub the icing sugar into the indents to make the door, roof and window outlines. Brush off any excess icing sugar.

Rub the icing sugar and let the window and door outline shows

4. Line it up

Pipe royal icing onto the cooked, cooled plain gingerbread biscuits to make borders, doors and windows. Set aside to set.

Pipe royal icing to make borders of doors and windows on gingerbreads