How to make dumplings

Packed with flavour and perfect for dipping, dumplings are a yum cha favourite. They’re easy to make at home too – just follow our simple guide.

1. Mix the filling with your hands

A dumpling filling that’s well combined is less likely to fall apart during cooking. Mixing with hands is quicker and does a more thorough job than using a spoon.

Pork mince dumpling filling being mixed with hands

2. Brush on some water

To seal the dumplings and enclose the filling, use a brush to apply a little water to the edges before folding over. The water helps the edges seal tightly.

Person brushing water onto the edges of a dumpling wrapper

3. Enclose the filling

To stop the filling falling out, the dumplings must be sealed firmly. Fold corners of each wrapper into the centre, gently squeezing out any air as you go.

Person folding a dumpling wrapper

4. Shape your dumplings

A neat, parcel-like shape helps the filling cook evenly and stops the dumplings falling apart. After folding in the corners of wrappers, pinch centre to seal tightly.

Person shaping a dumpling

5. Fry before you steam

These dumplings are fried first, then steamed to cook them through. Cook dumplings until the bases are golden brown before pouring over the stock.

Frying a batch of dumplings

6. Finish by steaming

You need steam to cook the dumplings through. Pour over the stock and cover the pan with a tight-fitting lid to trap the heat inside and steam the dumplings.

A plate of dumplings beside and steamer

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