How to make gnocchi

From making the dough and shaping perfect little ‘pillows’ to cooking the gnocchi just right, our handy tips will help you master the art of gnocchi in no time.

1. Strain the mashed potato

To make your gnocchi silky smooth – with no lumpy bits of potato – press the mashed potato through a fine sieve into a bowl and discard any solids.


Potatato being stained through a sieve

2. Cut with a floured knife

Gnocchi dough is quite sticky. To stop the dough from sticking to the knife when you cut it, dust the knife with flour before slicing into 3cm pieces.


Gnocchi rolled into logs and cut into 3cm pieces

3. Make indents in the gnocchi

Grooves and indents help sauce cling to gnocchi. Roll the uncooked gnocchi over the back of a floured fork – the prongs of the fork create the grooves.


Hands making indents in gnocchi with a floured fork

4. Cook gnocchi until it floats 

Cooked gnocchi is light and airy in texture, so it’s ready when it floats in water. Uncooked gnocchi is heavier and will remain at the bottom of the pan.


Cooked gnocchi being removed from a pot of water

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