Kitchen knife tips & tricks

Investing in a good set of kitchen knives is one of the steps to successful cooking. Check out our video guides to the MasterChef knives available to collect at Coles, plus tips from chef and restaurateur Luke Mangan.

Cook’s knife

Mostly used for cutting big veggies such as pumpkin. The curved tip is also great for chopping herbs.

Check out Luke Mangan’s tips for slicing glazed ham.

Small santoku knife

The wide blade and straight edge is perfect for dicing small to medium sized fruit and veg.

Check out Luke Mangan’s tips for cutting onions.

Large santoku knife

With a thinner blade than a cook’s knife, this is ideal for precise cutting, such as slicing capsicum into batons.

Check out Luke Mangan’s tips for cutting capsicums.

Bread knife 

The large, serrated blade cuts through soft bread without crushing it.

Check out Luke Mangan’s tips for cutting pineapple.

Steak knives 

These table knives have sharp serrated edges, perfect for cutting meat. They’re also great for slicing veggies.

Check out Luke Mangan’s tips for cutting tomatoes.

Utility knife

Sometimes called a sandwich knife, this is a solid all-rounder in the kitchen.

WARNING: keep out of reach of children
SHARPENING: A sharpener should not be used on serrated edged knives

Prep like a pro with MasterChef Knives

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Asorted master chef knives on a chopping board with tomatoes.