Midweek value meals

From Monday to Friday, we’ve got your midweek dinner menu sorted with these five easy and delicious recipes. 

1. Asian-style meatballs 

It’s time to upgrade your meatball recipe! Packed with Asian flavours and served with rice and greens, this dish makes a filling and delicious dinner. 

2. Stir-fried pork mince with green beans

Try this stir-fried pork mince dish for an easy meal. It’s served with green beans and steamed rice.  

3. Thai-style omelette with prawns

Perfect for lunch or dinner, this prawn omelette is an easy way to spice up your week. 

4. Creamy zucchini and edamame pasta

Fill up on this creamy veggie-packed pasta. It’s an easy dish for busy weeknights. 

5. Tuna, caper and olive linguine

Sneak in some extra seafood this week with this simple tuna pasta. Made with capers and olives, it’s bursting with flavour.