Mother’s Day lunch ideas

She’s probably made a few lunches for you before, so now is the best time to give back to the special mum in your life. If you’re looking for ideas for Mother's Day lunch, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together 5 diverse dishes from soups to salads, including some gluten-free and vegan Mother’s Day lunch recipes.

1. Crispy-skin salmon with spicy avocado dressing

Salmon is an easy, omega-rich and low-carb choice that always satisfies. This gluten-free recipe is great for lunch and is sure to become a fast favourite of mum’s. The delicious combination of crispy skin, flaky fish, crunchy greens, and the smooth, spicy sauce ticks just about every box.

2. Crunchy falafel and beetroot salad with spiced tahini

Full of rich flavours and great textures, our vegan pick for Mother’s Day is this falafel and beetroot salad. Free from meat and dairy, this is a great choice for lunch since it is lightweight but also filling—not to mention the colours and shapes look fantastic (and impressive) on the plate.

3. Curtis Stone’s spatchcock chicken with romesco sauce

If you’re looking for a recipe with a little more fanfare, this is the one to pick. Rich with roasted flavours, this spatchcock chicken with romesco sauce and kale is a real Mother’s Day gift. Showing off your culinary prowess and treating mum at the same time? Win-win.

4. Pumpkin soup with red pesto and chilli tofu

If the forecast for your Mother’s Day luncheon is looking a little on the gloomy side, we’ve got just the thing to keep her cosy. Seasonal pumpkin is sweet and creamy, a perfect contrast to the rich herbs and spices that flavour the soup. The garlicky, roasted notes of the red pesto bring a special flair to this dish and might just warrant a second helping.

5. Broccolini salad with parmesan and pancetta

If ever there was a salad that spoils, it’s this one. With more than meets the eye, this dish packs some robust flavours that keep any sluggishness at bay. Peppery parmesan and salty pancetta are a great complement to the creamy avocado and slightly sweet grilled broccolini, and it’s all brought together by zingy red wine vinegar.

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