New lunch box ideas

Try these new and improved lunch box ideas that you’ll love making and the kids will love eating! Follow our tips for healthier alternatives, too. 

Pull-apart sandwiches

Twist the filling: You can add almost any veggies you like to these scrolls. Try corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, capsicum or mushrooms.

Egg & salad roll

Lose the mayo: For a wholesome twist, omit the mayo, then mash the eggs with a little avocado before adding to the roll.

Tuna and zucchini slice

Eat the rainbow: This slice is packed with green veg. For more nutrients and colour, add grated pumpkin or carrot to the mix.

Chicken and corn pinwheel pastries

Pop in more veg: For some extra veggies, reduce the cheddar to 2 tbs and add some grated zucchini or finely chopped cherry tomatoes.

Spinach and mushroom pizza

Layer the veg: Pizza is a perfect way to hide extra veggies. Try using vegetables such as corn, zucchini and tomatoes.