The Nornie Bero collection

Enjoy this selection of some of the best recipes by Nornie Bero.

1. Nornie Bero's meat lover's foot-long sandwich

Filled with tasty deli meats and a fresh tomato mixture, these foot-long subs take sandwich making to the next level.

2. Nornie Bero's semur chicken

A favourite in the Torres Strait, this tasty semur chicken recipe is packed with rich flavour.

3. Nornie Bero's sop sop

Enjoy a taste of the Torres Strait with this delicious stew. Made with coconut cream and loaded with veggies, it will be a hit at the dinner table.

4. Nornie Bero's quandong Christmas cake

Perfect for entertaining, Nornie Bero’s Christmas cake is full of decadent flavours and spices. It’s an absolute must-try this festive season.