Our top Christmas desserts

You’re guaranteed a breathtaking finish with our best-ever Christmas desserts. Plus, they all taste as amazing as they look.

1. Bombe alaska trifle 

Covered in glossy meringue and bursting with fruity flavour, this bombe alaska trifle is a sweet way to impress your guests.

2. Margarita cheesecake tart

After a dessert you can make ahead? This zesty tart can be stored in the fridge and decorated just before serving.

3. Affogato panna cotta cups 

For a sweet treat with wow-factor, try these creamy individual panna cottas served with almond brittle.  

4. Pina colada pavlova

Looking for a stand-out pav recipe this year? Topped with delicate pineapple flowers, this dessert is bursting with tropical flavours. 

5. Chocolate tiramisu cake

Put a twist on traditional tiramisu with this spectacular vertical cake recipe. It’s layered with indulgent mascarpone icing.

6. No-cook chocolate ice cream cake 

With no cooking required, this decadent ice cream cake is a must-try summer dessert. 

7. Meringue and cherry torte

Want a festive show-stopper to end the feast? Whip up this cherry-filled meringue torte. 

8. Double choc-caramel peanut tart

Rich and nutty, this choc-caramel tart is a sure-fire hit for your holiday menu this year.