Slow cooker chicken recipes

Winner-winner slow cooked chicken dinner! We’re covering ten of our favourite slow cooked chicken recipes. From sensational soups to craveable curries and casseroles, this list just goes to show that slow and steady can win the flavour race.

1. Slow cooker chicken curry

Set and forget this ultra-easy and delicious slow cooked curry. Packed with tender chicken, creamy chickpeas, and veggies like carrot, onion and green beans, and richly flavoured with curry paste and diced tomatoes, this is a simple weeknight dinner that also makes for excellent lunch leftovers.

2. Italian-style slow cooker chicken

Showcasing classic Italian characteristics with the inclusion of olive, garlic, tomato and white wine, this slow cooked casserole uses chicken thigh and drumstick to amp up both the flavour and texture. Serve with fresh basil and crusty bread for a homey, hearty dinner that delights.

3. Slow cooker chicken korma

Nothing satisfies quite like a homemade curry, especially one that’s cooked gently and slowly over a number of hours. In this recipe, the whole bird is used to deeply infuse rich, chickeny flavour into this curry as the spices meld and intensify. Served with fluffy rice and topped with flaked almonds and coriander, you’ll be back for seconds.

4. Slow cooker chicken stroganoff

Rich, creamy, and lightly spiced, this slow and steady take on a classic Russian dish is just what a long day ordered. As comforting as a warm hug in the colder months, this slow cooker stroganoff heroes chicken thighs and mushrooms, which swim in a deliciously tangy sauce of sour cream, Dijon mustard, paprika and Worcestershire, all served on al dente fettuccine.

5. Tandoori-style chicken with rice stuffing

For something a little more outside of the “chicken and rice” box, this Tandoori-marinated whole chicken is stuffed with a delicious mixture of rice, mango chutney, onion, coconut and coriander. It’s an unconventional take on a traditional recipe, but one that’s always welcome at the dinner table.

6. Creamy chicken with pumpkin and mushrooms

Falling off the bone and swimming in delicious, creamy paprika sauce, this slow cooked chicken drumsticks recipe is the perfect dish to ward off the winter chill. The sweet pops of pumpkin and fresh bursts of parsley provide great balance to the richness of onion, garlic, and bacon that enhance the flavour of the sauce.

7. Slow cooker chicken and corn soup

We know chicken soup is good for the soul, and this six-hour slow cooked chicken soup made completely from scratch is true soul food. Infused with the flavour of a whole chicken and stuffed full of good-for-you veggies like corn, leek, garlic and silverbeet, this immune-boosting soup is the perfect remedy for long days.

8. Slow cooker spiced chicken and chickpea soup

Take a trip down culinary lane to Morocco with this slow cooked chicken and lentil soup. Richly spiced and bodied with big-hitters like onion, carrot, celery and tomato, this soup recipe is easy to make and always delivers on flavour. Top your bowl with Greek yoghurt and fresh coriander for an herbaceous tang to balance it all out.

9. Slow cooker chicken primavera risotto

For a slow cooked dinner recipe that is a little more on the light side, look no further than this primavera risotto—”primavera” from the Italian “spring”. Packed with veggies and drizzled with fresh pesto, this easy green risotto is nutty, creamy, and just the right amount of cheesy to totally satisfy your risotto cravings every time.

10. French-style mustard and white wine chicken

This time, culinary lane takes us to France with this delicious mustard and white wine cassoulet. It pays homage to the traditional recipe with the combination of chicken (drumsticks and thigh cutlets), bacon, and white lentils and bolsters those flavours with casserole classics: garlic, potato, onion, carrot, and leek.