Your guide to tomato varieties

Our guide to the many tomato varieties available, adding sweetness and colour to many dishes, or to simply eat as a delicious snack.


Classic tomato flavour with a firm, juicy flesh. Versatile for everyday cooking.

Fresh Gourmet tomatoes


Packed full of flavour and naturally sweeter than other tomatoes with a firm texture. As the sweetest tomato, they are perfect for snacking and kids’ lunch boxes.

Fresh Perino tomatoes


Bright red and sweeter than larger varieties. Great to add flavour and colour to salads or create delicious sauces.

Fresh cherry tomatoes


Picked from red off the tree for maximum flavour. Sweet and juicy.

Fresh Truss tomatoes


Deep brown colour with hints of green. Soft, very juicy with a mild flavour.

Fresh Kumato tomatoes

Cherry Burst

Grown in a fully controlled and heated glasshouse environment, Cherry Burst tomatoes are only harvested when the fruit has reached full maturity making them sweet, firm and juicy, all year round.

Fresh Cherry Burst tomatoes

Cherry Vine

Intense, sweet flavour, ripened on the vine.

Fresh Cherry vine tomatoes

Mix A Mato

A medley of red, yellow, brown and green tomatoes ranging in flavour from super sweet to deep and rich.

Fresh Mix A Mato tomatoes

Perino Gold

Hit the natural sweet spot. Naturally ripened on the vine to develop its naturally sweet and slightly savoury taste. Gold tomatoes deliver a splash of colour to salads, lunch boxes or grazing platters.

Fresh Perino Gold tomatoes


These vibrant red tomatoes have a naturally light and subtle flavour with a juicy flavoursome bite.  Enjoy in fresh salads or create a delicious fresh pasta sauce with a dash of olive oil, garlic and salt and garnished with fresh Basil.    

Fresh Grape tomatoes