Top 10 brownie recipes

Brownies are a top-tier dessert. They’re flavourful, textural, and all around amazing. They’re also extremely versatile – you can put pretty much anything in a brownie to take it to the next level. From elevated box brownies to all-homemade, we’re counting down our 10 best brownie recipes to show you that there really is something for everyone when it comes to this decadent chocolate treat.

1. Raspberry and double chocolate brownie

These delicious raspberry brownies are rich and tangy with sweet pops of white chocolate. The addition of sour cream really elevates this fudgy brownie recipe to make a luxurious batter. Brownies this good are worth slow cooking.

2. Peanut butter and cookie brownie

For anyone who loves the iconic combination of peanut butter and chocolate, this peanut butter brownies recipe is a definite winner. Use your favourite smooth PB to marble through the chocolate before cooking. The crushed Oreo biscuits make a fantastic tasty topping for some bonus, satisfying crunch.

3. Reynold Poernomo's brownies

He was the dessert hero of Masterchef for a reason, and these gooey, nutty brownies prove it. These fudgy brownies ooze with decadence and call upon the richness of dark chocolate and cocoa to balance the saltiness of pistachios and the roasted crunch of hazelnuts.

4. Matcha buttercream brownie

One of the more surprising brownie marriages on this list is this classic chocolate with matcha buttercream. Matcha is earthy and savoury with a hint of sweetness on the finish, making it a perfect candidate for buttercream. The colour and flavour contrast this rich chocolate brownie perfectly. It goes down a treat with coffee and green tea alike!

5. Black forest brownies

These tasty brownies hero morello cherries and classic Cherry Ripe chocolate bars to really ramp up the juicy fruit flavour. You can give these brownies a boozy kick with amaretto, or leave it out for a more mellow flavour. Try pairing these delicious bites with a glass of red.

6. Red velvet cheesecake swirl brownie

Cheesecake brownies represent the classic phrase “two is better than one”. Tangy cream cheese and intense dark chocolate are a power couple of the dessert world, and this striking red velvet cheesecake brownie tastes like a honeymoon: indulgent and unforgettable.

7. Dairy-free beetroot and raspberry brownie

These dairy-free beetroot brownies are as close to healthy brownies as you might get. Beetroot is a known lover of chocolate, and when combined with tart raspberries and earthy walnuts, the flavour is undeniably good. They’re rich in colour, texture, and flavour – just the thing to get you through a guilt-free afternoon.

8. Gingerbread brownie

Brownies are good any and every time of year, and that includes the holiday period. These Christmas brownies call upon a gingerbread army to set them apart from the pack. The spices play perfectly with the 70% dark chocolate, and the brownie-cookie combo creates a fudgy, cakey, crispy layered dessert that’s worth celebrating.

9. Cocoa brownies with black chia and pumpkin seeds

This is another one for the healthy brownie repertoire if you want a dessert that hits the spot without compromise. Wellness Road is a health-conscious brand that still boasts all the amazing flavours you want in a cocoa brownie. The inclusion of chia and pumpkin seeds hides some great nutrients within, so you can chow down with a smile.

10. Sweet potato brownie with peanut butter swirl

Sweet potato is a magical ingredient that works boiled, mashed, baked, fried, and in brownies as well. While not flourless brownies, these gluten-free goodies are made using gluten-free flour. They look amazing and taste even better, with the same fudgy consistency and chocolatey flavour.