Ways to use up your whole cauliflower

We love cauliflower’s versatile flavour and how well it complements different cuisines and cooking styles. Enjoy it raw, steamed, stir-fried, roasted or deep-fried, and get more value from the whole veggie with these tips.

The core is great for making steaks.

Cut 1.5cm-thick slices from the centre of the cauliflower, then pan-fry until tender. Have a go at this flavour-packed combo using paprika, cumin and fresh herbs.

Process the core with the florets

You can also process the core with the florets to make ‘rice’ or a pizza base. Try our mouth-watering cauliflower pizza with prosciutto - it’s a great veggie twist.

The florets are an all-round favourite.

Create extra texture in a cauliflower soup by roasting some florets to serve on top. For a snack or side, toss with breadcrumbs, parmesan and paprika before baking. Try our popcorn cauliflower.

The leaves are easy to cook

 Stir-fry them like Asian greens or roast with a little oil until crispy for a curry or soup garnish. Tender leaves are great in salads, too. Try our delicious cauliflower soup recipe.