Weekend ready with best BBQ sides

Looking for the perfect side dish for your weekend BBQ? Try one of these flavour-packed dishes. They’re guaranteed to be a hit. 

1. Grilled cos and asparagus

The ultimate side for your weekend barbie. This cos salad is packed with fresh produce and smoky flavour

2. Tomato and watermelon salad with haloumi

For a simple salad packed with fresh flavour, have a go at this tomato, watermelon and haloumi combo. 

3. Crispy layered potato bake

Comfort food doesn’t get better than a golden potato bake! This one uses garlic, stock and herbs for extra flavour.

4. Silverbeet and fetta pasta salad

Fresh and tasty, this pasta salad is guaranteed to brighten up the table.

5. Smoky slaw

Ramp up the flavour of your classic coleslaw. This version is bursting with smoky flavour and delicious veg. 

6. BBQ corn with smoky paprika butter

After a smoky side for your weekend barbie? Look no further than this tasty corn with paprika butter.