Your guide to Coles cheese

Whether you’re entertaining or enjoying a night in, the Coles deli has you covered with an amazing range of cheeses from around the world. Try them with our delicious pairings and recipe ideas.

Coles cheese varieties

Coles cheese varieties (L-R): Dutch, Swiss, Italian, French, British


With a complex nutty flavour, Coles Finest Dutch 1000 Day Aged Gouda is great on its own or served with dried fruit and crackers. For an easy lunch or snack, pair it with mustard in a sandwich or toastie.


Coles Finest Swiss 12 Month Gruyère has a sweet but slightly salty taste. Delicious when baked, it’s great in quiches, or try it in Curtis Stone’s stuffed jacket potatoes at


A popular hard cheese from northern Italy, Coles Finest Grana Padano has a delicate nutty flavour. Add it to grazing boards, or grate it over dishes such as risotto or spaghetti bolognaise.


Pair rich and smooth Coles Finest French Double Cream Brie with bold flavours such as olive dip. For a delicious starter, try our baked brie recipe at


Handcrafted to a traditional recipe, Coles Finest British Oak Smoked Cheddar is matured for depth of flavour. Pair it with green apple, grapes or your favourite chutney.