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Monitor your home after a storm

10 JAN 2022

monitor your home after a storm coles insurance

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Australia’s annual storm season has reached our doorstep once again. This can often lead to more rain, high winds and a higher chance of hail. And while it’s often harmless, pelting hail has the potential to be a dangerous force of nature. Because even pea sized hailstones can compromise your home’s value and safety. So, it’s important to act early in the aftermath of a hail storm by checking for any visible signs of damage.

Inspect your roof and gutters 

The size, shape and density of hailstones will influence the severity of damage. Ensure you get your gutters, vents, chimneys and skylights checked for any cracks or leakage. Gutters made of copper, aluminum or vinyl are, in particular, more vulnerable to damage. Check for denting, cracks, and punctures – or, if your roof has a leaf guard or gutter screen, check for any tears and bends.

As for your roof, it’s important to take note of any leaks or broken tiles. If you have a weaker or older roof, it’s more likely to require urgent replacement – especially after a more serious hail storm event.

Get an expert opinion

If your roof’s been impacted by hail, it’s a good idea to call your insurer so they can arrange a builder to inspect the damage. That way, an accurate assessment can be made and any potential issues can be resolved quickly. Keep in mind, not all hail damage is obvious, such as a broken window or cracked tile. It takes a trained eye to spot the more subtle (yet equally sinister) signs of damage. 

Remember, undetected problems become worse, and ultimately more expensive to fix overtime.

It’s important to know how to prepare and respond in the event of hail. Here are some tips on how to protect your car.


This page provides general advice only.  For up-to-date and specific advice relating to the risks in your area please speak to your local council or emergency services.

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