General FAQs

In most circumstances, you can change the car on your policy. Please contact our call centre on 1300 265 374 and we can help you with this potential change.

Unless you’ve previously selected this option, drivers under the age of 25 are not covered under your policy. You’ll need to let us know if you need this included; adding this cover may cost you more. Don’t worry, if you don’t have under 25 cover on your policy you may still be covered when your car is driven by professionals in the course of their work, like parking attendants and mechanics who are under 25.

Yes, all modifications and accessories must be disclosed. We cover many legal modifications and accessories fitted to your car, but we will not cover modified cars if:

  • You did not tell us and we would not have agreed to cover your car had you told us, or
  • The modification is prohibited by any law in Australia.

You’ll need to list any driver who drives the car regularly (i.e. more than once a week).

The agreed value is the actual amount we have agreed your car to be worth. This value will be shown on your schedule and is set at the start of the period of insurance. At renewal, the agreed value will be recalculated to account for depreciation due to age and use.

The sum insured of the car is not set at a specific amount when insured under a market value. Instead, the value of the car is determined at the time of a claim and calculated using industry standard guides.

Coles Insurance doesn’t offer Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. We do offer Comprehensive Car insurance, Third Party Property, Fire & Theft insurance, and Third Party Property Damage insurance.

Making a claim

Most importantly, you need to get yourself into a safe place. If required, call 000 to receive help from emergency services.

When it is safe to do so, you should try to collect the following details:

  • If another driver is involved, you should swap information with them. Including:
  • Name
  • Address (this is required if you’re not at fault)
  • Phone number
  • Registration number
  • Driver’s licence number (take a picture if possible)
  • Their insurance company details
  • If there are independent witnesses, you should try to collect their contact details as well.
  • Take photos of any damage caused to both cars and their location on the road.

When you are ready, contact us on 1300 265 374 to lodge your claim and discuss next steps. It always helps to have your policy number handy but you don’t need this to lodge a claim.

Even if you think the accident was your fault, don't admit that you are, or may have been, at fault as this may impact our ability to assess the claim. We'll do an assessment of fault once the claim in lodged and the necessary information is obtained.

If any contact is made with you by the other driver or their insurance company subsequent to you lodging your claim, contact us to let us know or in the case of a phone call being received, let them know that you are insured with us and that we will be looking after the claim and the other party should direct all further questions or enquiries to us.

Report the theft to the Police and obtain the Police Event number, you will need this when you lodge your claim. To lodge your claim call 1300 265 374.

You can get your car repaired at any of our National Partner Repairers. We’ll also give you a Lifetime Repair Guarantee on all repairs we authorise, giving you peace of mind.

If you have a Comprehensive Plus policy, you can choose your own repairer.

You’ll need to pay an excess if you are responsible for causing damage to your vehicle or another person’s property. If you’re not responsible for causing the damage, and you can provide the at fault person’s full name, address and rego then you don’t have to pay an excess. Our claims team will always let you know you when you need to pay an excess.

If we determine your car to be a total loss, depending upon the age of your car (based upon original registration), we will either provide you with a new replacement car under the New for Old option (if you qualify for this benefit) or pay you the sum insured less any deductions and excesses that may apply. In certain circumstances, we may need to deduct the premium for the unexpired portion of your policy.

Provided the incident took place during the period you were covered under a Coles Comprehensive Plus Car policy then you can still lodge a claim under that policy. 

Am I covered for...

If your car can’t be driven and needs to be towed, we’ll cover the reasonable cost of towing to the nearest agreed repairer or to somewhere safe.

Our Comprehensive Car Insurance doesn’t include ‘free’ windscreen cover, but you can add this as an optional benefit on your policy. 

We do provide cover for your trailer or caravan if it is damaged by an insured event while attached to the car you have insured with us. We will pay up to $1000 in one period of insurance for damage to your trailer or caravan under this benefit.

If you have Comprehensive or Comprehensive Plus car Insurance you are covered for damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, flood and hail – as long as it happens during the policy cover period.

Our Comprehensive Car Insurance cover doesn’t automatically include the use of a hire car after an accident, but you can add this as an optional benefit on your policy. 

Product related

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