General FAQs

If you are renting, you can cover the contents of your rental home with Coles Contents Insurance.

This figure is what’s known as the ‘sum insured’. It’s the maximum amount we’ll pay to rebuild your home or replace your contents.

Make sure the ‘sum insured’ you nominate is sufficient to rebuild your house at today’s prices. If it costs more than the ‘sum insured’ you chose to rebuild your house, you’ll have to make up the shortfall. Our quote system calculates a building estimate based on the information you provide. To get a more accurate estimate you can use a detailed third party calculator or check with a suitably qualified professional. You can use a contents calculator to help you work out an estimated value to insure your contents.

Coles Insurance offer two optional benefits to cover items lost or damaged outside your home as part of our Contents policies.

Unspecified portable contents cover provides cover for any number of items whilst they are outside your home but within Australia. These items are not specified in your policy documentation.

Specified portable contents cover provides cover for items outside your home whilst in Australia up to the amount specified by you and shown on the policy schedule.

Both types of cover are subject to limits and an additional premium. To find out more please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

In most circumstances, our Contents cover will cover your contents in both your new and old address for 14 days. Your contents will also be covered while in transit, if the vehicle transporting the contents is involved in a collision, is stolen or damaged by fire. To be covered, you need to contact us on 1300 265 374 to let us know.

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+Policy limitations, exclusions and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions, see the Product Disclosure Statement.