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Coles Builders, Pokémon Edition are no longer available

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Recycling Coles Builders, Pokémon Edition products

Coles Builders and the World Playset are recyclable. Below you'll find instructions on how to recycle them.
Place builders in original packaging and put in household recycle bin

How to recycle your Coles Builders Pokémon Edition

Step 1: Tuck all pieces securely inside the wrapping or a used envelope.

Step 2: Put into your household recycling bin.

Large pieces directly into recycle bin. Small pieces into a envelope then the recycle bin.

How to recycle your Coles Builders Pokemon Edition Playset

Larger pieces: Dismantle the playset and place the larger pieces directly in the recycling bin.

Smaller pieces: Tuck them securely inside a used envelope before placing in the recycle bin.


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