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Helping young Aussies learn about sustainability

Grow It Cook It e-book

Here's a fun way to get the kids into the wonderful world of sustainability.

Our Grow It Cook It booklet is brimming with clever gardening tips, seasonal growing and harvesting information, and fun activities about sustainability. Better still, it's FREE and available now. You can download the interactive e-book on Apple Books, or a digital copy of the booklet on Google Play! Download it below.

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For little harvesters

Ever tried growing veggies from scraps? Or knowing the best seasonal veggies to plant?

Perfect for little hands and curious minds, Grow It Cook It booklet will help your little ones make important connections between nature and the food they eat! Whether it's  a rainy day or a weekend, it's filled with fun activities for everyone.



About the Foundation

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation was started to help children develop positive food habits for life. Working closely with early childhood services and primary and secondary schools, they provide a fun, hands-on approach to teach children how to grow, harvest and prepare delicious seasonal food.

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Curtis Stone and Stephanie Alexander with 3 children in a garden
A man in the farms


Meet our Coles growers

Say hello to farmer John from Fresh Select. He's a brassica farmer and helps provide Coles with delicious fresh produce all year round!

Also known as the mustard family, members of the brassica family include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and even iceberg lettuce! John grows them in both open fields and greenhouses which protect the vegetables from the wind, rain, and pests!

Fun fact: instead of using harmful pesticides, we use good insects like wasps and beetles to eat the bad pests off the veggies!

Planting sustainable seeds

What better time to teach your little ones about health, wellbeing, and sustainability? Our Grow It Cook It, activity eBook has fun games, activities, puzzles to help introduce them to the important world of sustainability.
Box, Foil and Lid

Check it before you chuck it!

With the help of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) on Coles Brand packaging. Your little ones will become real waste warriors. The ARL symbols let them understand that there are lots of bits to recycle, and lots of ways to recycle them.

SecondBite logo. Ending waste. Ending Hunger.


Did you know that food can also be rescued? That's exactly what SecondBite does! They rescue edible surplus and unsold food from farmers and supermarkets to help feed hungry Aussies! Find out how you can help.

Get ready to grow some green thumbs

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