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Total Care® range of products makes it easy to make the right choices and provide the best care for your pet. The portfolio features health care products to prevent and protect against parasites, collars & leads for all your walking needs, toys to comfort, entertain, or keep them occupied, shampoo and grooming tools to keep their coat clean and groomed, and training pads for puppies and elderly dogs.

Total Care® is there to show them you care.​

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Flea life cycle​
Fleas are the most common external parasite affecting both cats and dogs in Australia. It is important to recognise the lifecycle of the flea to fully understand how to control fleas on your pet and in the surrounding environment (Considering that around 95% of the flea population resides in the environment). There are four stages: Eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult fleas. Adult fleas can survive anywhere from 12 days to 6 months depending on the environmental conditions.​

How do I spot Fleas?​ 
Adult fleas can be hard to spot without thorough inspection, so check your pet’s fur often for fleas. The best way to check is to comb through your pet’s coat with a flea comb. Along with visual inspection, other symptoms you may notice in your pet might be:​

  • Persistent scratching, especially at the tail, head, neck, or belly areas where fleas often congregate.​
  • Biting of the fur​

  • Inflammation or redness of the skin​

  • Allergic pets can present symptoms such as dry, scruffy patches over the base of the tail​

How can I prevent fleas?​

You can help prevent fleas by using an effective flea treatment for your pet & its environment.​ For your pet, we recommend using any of our Total Care® flea treatment products regularly, all-year round to help effectively treat and prevent fleas (& other flea life stages).​

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