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Intestinal worms are parasites that all pet owners should worry about. Regular worming is an important yet often overlooked part of your pet’s healthcare routine.​

If your pet does have the parasite, you may see worms in faeces or vomit, or around your pet's bottom. Wrap any worms you find on or near your pet in damp cotton wool and take them to your vet, so they can advise the best worm treatment. These are some of the symptoms you may see on your pet:

  • Your pet starts losing weight​

  • Their fur becomes dry and coarse​

  • Increased appetite, weakness or diarrhoea​

  • In severe cases, infected puppies and kittens can have a distended abdomen or 'pot belly’​

How to help treat or prevent:​
As a recommendation, all puppies and kittens need to be wormed every two weeks until they’re three months of age, then every month until they reach six months of age, and finally, depending on the product, every three months for the rest of their life. Always refer to the directions on the pack of the product for the dosage intervals. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your vet for assistance.​