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Tis the season for delicious baked Christmas treats

It's never too early for Christmas bakery goodies 

Available instore and online. Plus, get some early dessert recipe inspiration for the festive season.

Coles Fruit Mince Pies


Our appetising traditional fruit mince pies are made with shortcrust pastry and a spiced fruit mince filling. They're sure to be a favourite with the whole family, and for any unexpected visitors popping by.


Comes in a 6 pack. 360gram. $3.50ea

Coles Festive Fruit Mince Pies


Indulge in this crowd-pleasing treat! Rich rum-infused fruit mince filling, encased in a buttery shortcrust pastry.


Comes in a handy 6 pack. $5.00ea

Coles Christmas Pudding


Our traditional Christmas pudding is a must have for dessert in your Christmas spread. It's packed with dried fruit and a hint of brandy. Just add custard or icecream.


700gram. $5.50ea

Coles Festive Matured Christmas Pudding


You have to taste our mouth-watering, classic Christmas pudding. It's a matured pudding, made with juicy vine fruits and a hint of cider and rum. It's then matured for 9 months to give a rich and intense flavour.


700gram. $7.50ea