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The way beef should be

At Coles, our farmers believe that good quality beef doesn’t need added hormones, and that’s why all of our Coles Brand fresh beef is 100% Aussie with no added hormones.

"Good beef doesn’t need hormones"
Michael, Coles Beef Farmer

The farmers championing grass-fed beef

In a picturesque town in North East Victoria, second generation farmer Nigel Stephens is one of over 100 Graze farmers that produces quality Graze™ beef on his farm of 1500 acres.

Nigel is a proud supporter of grass-fed farming practices. ‘I’ve been working with Coles for more than fifteen years and this provides a fantastic opportunity for my farm to diversify and increase our supply,' he says. ‘It means we will provide more cattle and get a good price all year round.’

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Nigel Stephens – North East Victoria
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What does grass-fed really mean?

At Coles, it means our cattle are free to graze on pastures and are never fed grain.

Graze™ beef producer, Nigel Stephens says ‘the secret to grass-fed beef is that there is no secret’. Our pasture-fed cattle are raised naturally and raised with care. Customer should be happy knowing that they have been grass-fed and not finished on grain – while ensuring they can be confident about where it comes from.'

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