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Our Coles in-store bakeries add a new dimension to the store experience … you will smell the difference!

Our dedicated bakers and bakery team members bake onsite in selected stores to provide you the ultimate in golden baked crusts and tempting aromas.

Try our wide range of in-store bakery goods delivered to your kitchen bench. Shop Our Bakery at Coles Online.

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Coles Baker
Coles Bakery wheat

Our ingredients

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have great quality ingredients in all of our in-store bread and bakery products. All of our Coles Bakery breads are made with 100% Aussie Flour and contain no preservatives or artificial additives. 

There are a handful of bread and bakery products in our extended Coles Brand range which have toppings and glazes.  While there are no preservatives or artificial additives in the dough, it is important to be aware that some of the toppings and glazes do contain artificial additives and preservatives. To assist you with identifying these products across our total bakery range, we clearly call out these claims on our product labels.

Caring for your bread

For the best taste, bread from a Coles in-store bakery is best eaten on the day of purchase.

Re-Heating Instructions

Pre-heat oven to 180 deg;C, re-heat bread for 5-10 min or until crisp.

Freezing, defrosting and re-heating instructions

Secure bread in a suitable freezer bag for 1 month storage. Defrost completely to room temperature.

Storage instructions

Bread should be stored in a cool dry area. Do not refrigerate because it will increase the rate of staling.

Award-Winning Range

Coles Bakery is a proud winner of over 30 awards in 2014, as judged at the Royal Melbourne & Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards. From our Stone baked Turkish bread and Light Rye Sourdough to our Wholemeal & Quinoa pane di casa rolls, our award winning selection offers delicious options for every meal.

Made with 100% Aussie flour all Coles Bakery bread has no artificial additives or preservatives and is available at selected stores.

Champion bread award winner - Pane Di Casa
Coles Bakery bread

Our baking methods

Scratch baking

Coles bakers make a range of bread and bakery items from scratch, mixing and preparing dough early in the morning to make our delicious breads and bakery items. The breads are baked and finished in store to guarantee the ultimate freshness, golden baked crust and tempting aromas.

Parbaking and frozen dough

To ensure our bakeries have a selection of high quality artisan-style breads to serve to customers every day, across Australia, Coles bakery team members prepare some bakery products using frozen dough and ‘parbake’ products.

Frozen dough and parbake (‘partially baked’) products are made with the same care and attention as our scratch products, only they are mixed and prepared offsite by our specialty supplier partners, frozen instantly and transported to Coles for baking and finalising in-store by Coles bakers.

Coles Bakery rustic roles

Rustic rolls

Coles Bakery multigrain sourdough

Multigrain sourdough

Coles Bakery Ciabatta
Baked Ciabatta Coles Bakery turkish bread

Turkish bread

Coles Bakery fruit and nut sourdough

Baked fruit and walnut sourdough Cobb

Coles Bakery sunflower triangles

Sunflower triangles