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Whether it’s downloading important documents or managing your account, everything you need to get the most out of your Coles Personal Loan can be found below.

If you can't find the documents or information you need, please visit the Online Service Centre.

Manage your Coles Personal Loan Account

For full list of FAQs, please see our FAQ page.

Set up and payments

Contact your service providers. Provide your Coles Personal Loan BSB and account number to your biller and advise them that your preferred method of payment is direct debit from your account.

With the flexibility and convenience of accessing your available credit, there are two ways you can make payments using your Coles Personal Loan account.*

Direct Debits:

Set up direct debits directly with your financial institution to your Coles Personal Loan.


To use your Coles Personal Loan to pay your bills, set up a 'payee' online; then anytime you need to make a payment you can simply sign into your account:

  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and login using your username and password.
  • Click “My Payments” then click “New Bill Payment”.
  • Select the debit card from which you wish to pay your bill, then select New Bill Payee
  • Follow the simple instructions.

Repaying my loan

The minimum monthly payment includes any overdue and overlimit amounts which are payable immediately rather than on the payment due date. The minimum payment due on your statement must be paid by the payment due date each month, however you are able to pay more than this amount. If you do, the extra payments made will reduce your outstanding balance further, which means you have more available credit to access on your account. Please however note that any available credit you utilise will be charged at the standard annual percentage rate (APR). Please refer to your statement for your APR.*

You are required to make repayments monthly on each Payment Due Date, as advised in your statement. Your monthly Minimum Payment Due is:

  1. the Monthly Instalment on your loan; and
  2. in the event any retail or cash balances outside of the instalment loan (resulting from your use of the reusable credit facility), the greater of;

(i) $30; or

(ii) the sum (rounded up to the next dollar) of the interest charges for the Statement Period, plus 1% of your Closing Balance (less any instalment loan balance and Monthly Instalment for that month), plus any billed late payment fees and monthly Account service fees as at the end of the Statement Period.

Any amount over your Credit Limit and any due but unpaid amounts from previous statements must be paid immediately. Where your Closing Balance less any instalment loan balance and Monthly Instalment is less than $30, this balance must be paid in full.

Managing your Coles Personal Loan Debit Mastercard

You have the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs using your Coles Personal Loan Debit Mastercard®, without paying cash advance fees and you pay the same standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as your purchases. Your APR can be found on your statement.

When overseas, you can also access cash from any ATM that displays the Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro symbols. For transactions overseas, an international transaction fee applies.

To report a lost or stolen card, call us on 1300 306 397, or if you’re calling outside Australia +61 2 8288 2890.

If you notice a transaction on your account that you don’t recognise, please call us immediately on 1300 306 397 for us to investigate.

Coles Personal Loans aim to make the experience as easy as possible by providing you with detailed information on the steps involved.

  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and login using your username and password
  • Select the card for which you’d like to set a PIN
  • Click “Manage my Card”
  • Click “Change PIN” and choose your new PIN
  • Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 306 397 to have a new PIN mailed to you.

You can activate your card via the Online Service Centre in three ways:

  • When you register for the Online Service Centre, you will be prompted to activate your card
  • On the homepage, click “Activate” next to the card you wish to activate”.
  • Click the card you wish to manage, click “Manage My Card”, and click “Activate” next to activation status.

To activate your card you will need to enter the CVV (three digit number on the back of the card).
You may also activate the card by calling 1300 306 397.

Online Service Centre

To register for the Online Service Centre, go to osc.coles.com.au and click “Register”. Please have the following handy:

  • Your Card or Account Number
  • The CVV on the back of your Card
  • Your date of birth
  • A mobile phone to receive a One-Time PIN

You will then be asked to create your username and password.

To login, go to osc.coles.com.au and enter the username and password you created during registration. If you are having troubles with login, please call us on 1300 306 397.

To retrieve your username:

  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and click “Forgot Username”
  • Enter your card number, the CVV (three digit number on the back of the card), and your date of birth, then enter the One-Time PIN sent to your mobile phone.

To reset your password:

  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and click “Forgot Password”
  • Enter your card or account number, the CVV (three digit number on the back of the card), and your date of birth, then enter the One-Time PIN sent to your mobile phone
  • Create a new password following the guidelines shown.
To manage your personal details:
  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and login using your username and password
  • Click on your name at the top right of the page
  • Click “My Profile” then “My Account Settings”
To manage your preferences:
  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and login using your username and password
  • Click “My Statements” then “Statement Preferences” or “Alert Preferences”

To view your statements:

  • Go to osc.coles.com.au and login using your username and password
  • Click the card for which you’d like to view statements
  • Click “My Statements” then “Statements & Notices”
  • Select the year of the statement, then click the statement you’d like to view

Mobile Wallet App

The Coles Mobile Wallet App is our mobile banking and loyalty app, designed for iPhone and Android devices. It allows you to manage your Account 24 hours a day with access to your Account Balance, available credit and transaction history. It also lets you view your flybuys account points balance, access, and activate a great range of exclusive flybuys offers.

Current balance and available credit

  • Your Available Cash Limit may differ from your available Credit Limit.
  • Your available credit will reflect any pending transactions.

Account summary

  • Your statement closing balance and the associated minimum monthly payment.
  • Any amounts due immediately for being overdue or over limit.

For more comprehensive information please visit the Online Service Centre.

It's easy. Simply download the app from the App Store for iPhone devices or Google Play for Android devices and follow the quick registration process. The name of the app is “Coles Mobile Wallet App".

About your Coles Personal Loan statement

Your statement tells you how much your instalment loan is outstanding, your monthly instalment, and when it’s due.

For more information on your statement, please see our FAQ page.


We’re here when you need us most

We understand sometimes things don’t always go to plan and situations arise that can make it difficult to meet your repayments. If you are having difficulty keeping up with the repayments on your Coles Personal Loan contract please contact us, as we may be able to offer some options to assist you.

We have a dedicated Debt Management Solutions team who can be contacted on
1800 100 823, 9am - 5pm Monday – Friday (AEST) except public holidays.

Alternatively, you can always contact our Financial Hardship team directly:
Email: hardship@secure.coles.com.au
Phone: 1800 931 356

Operating hours for contact number Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm (AEST)

Outside Support
You can get free independent counselling and advice from a Financial Counsellor.

For a comprehensive listing of Financial Counsellors please visit the FCA website.

To talk to a Financial Counsellor by phone (or for referral) ring 1800 007 007 from anywhere in Australia.

You can get additional information through the following website:

Your important documents


Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Coles unsecured credit products are issued by Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080 AFSL No. 238098 Australian credit licence 238098 and distributed by Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd ABN 45 004 189 708. Coles receives commission for the introduction of credit business to Citigroup.