Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming change to the issuer of your Coles Personal Loan account

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The changes

The issuer and credit provider of your Coles Personal Loan will change from Citi to NAB.

This won’t change the way you use and manage your account or card, or the way you make repayments. The features, benefits, fees and charges relevant to your account will not change as a result of this.

Subject to regulatory approval, this will happen on 1 June 2022.  We are calling this date the “Transfer Date”.  We will let you know if there is any change to the Transfer Date.

No, your terms and conditions are not changing.

Where you currently see Citi as the issuer and credit provider, this will be NAB.

Yes, Citi’s privacy policy will change and NAB’s privacy policy will also apply to your account. The Coles and Flybuys privacy policies will also continue to apply.

You can review the Citi Privacy Policy that will take effect from the Transfer Date here.

You can review the NAB Privacy Policy here.

From the Transfer Date you’ll have the protection of Coles and Flybuys privacy policies, NAB’s Privacy Policy and Citi’s Privacy Policy ensuring your information (including your personal, sensitive and credit-related information) is handled safely. The policies also set out how to request access to or seek correction of your information or make a privacy-related enquiry or complaint.

Citi, NAB and Coles may collect, use, exchange and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Collection Statement that will apply from the transfer date and their respective Privacy Policies

You don’t need to do anything, as these changes will automatically apply from the transfer date.

No, there is no cost to you associated with the transition. 

No, there will be no immediate changes other than the change of issuer and credit provider at the Transfer Date arising out of the transition to NAB.

NAB will review the products and services it provides regularly (including the Coles Personal Loan it has acquired) and may make further changes as part of this process. If there are any changes in the future you will be notified about them as required.

From mid May onwards, customers are being advised of the changes via either email or letter.

Your card features and benefits

No, your card features and benefits will not change on the transfer date.

No, your interest rate and fees will not change as a result of the transfer to NAB.

No, any complimentary insurance associated with your product is provided by a third-party insurer, and not by Citi or NAB. The terms of the policy will stay the same, except any references to Citi will become references to NAB. 

No, your earn rate and points balance won’t be affected by the transition.

No, existing Instalment Plans or Balance Transfers will not be affected, and you will continue to receive the same rate over the agreed term.

Using your card

Yes, you can continue to use your current card.

No, you will not receive a new card or PIN as a result of the transfer.

Yes, you will still be able to use Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

No, recurring transactions will not be impacted by this change.

Paying my account

There is no change to the way you can make a payment toward your balance. Please refer to your monthly statement for full details on how you can pay.  

No, your direct debits will remain in place and are not impacted by this change.

If you choose to close your account, you will still be required to pay any outstanding balance owing. There is no change to the way you make repayments.

Online banking and mobile app

No, the way you currently access and manage your account(s) online will remain the same

Yes, as you'll still use and manage your account in the same way, you'll still have access to this information. 

Collections and Hardship

No, if you have an existing financial hardship agreement in place it will not be impacted.

No, if you have an existing payment arrangement in place it will not be impacted.

New Applications

No, if you have already provided us with documents to evidence your identity and/or income you do not need to send these to us again.


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Coles unsecured credit products are issued by Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080 AFSL No. 238098 Australian credit licence 238098 and distributed by Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd ABN 45 004 189 708.