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Alfresco Easter BBQ menu

This easy spread features mains cooked on the barbecue and plenty of extras.


While the weather is still warm and Easter festivities beckon, there's no better time to dust off the barbecue and indulge in the joys of alfresco dining. Elevate your outdoor gatherings with a tantalising BBQ menu that promises to delight the senses from start to finish - from a vibrant starter bursting with seasonal flavours to a mouthwatering main course sizzling on the grill, accompanied by delectable sides that perfectly complement the occasion. And of course, no feast is complete without a decadent dessert to satisfy sweet cravings under the sun. Get ready to fire up the barbie!


Start your alfresco dining experience with our veggie platter with creamy olive dip, a fresh and vibrant dish that uses abundant Autumn produce.

Veggie platter with creamy olive dip

Enjoy our fresh veggie platter served alongside a creamy olive dip, creating a perfect harmony of flavours.


Make your choice between butterflied bbq chicken with sesame soy dressing for an indulgent lunch or lemon thyme prawns with watermelon salad for a fresh seafood option.

Butterflied BBQ chicken with sesame-soy dressing

Indulge in our butterflied BBQ chicken, perfectly grilled to tender perfection and infused with smoky flavours.

Lemon thyme prawns with watermelon salad

Savour the blend of citrus-infused grilled prawns with fragrant lemon thyme, accompanied by a refreshing watermelon salad that bursts with summer flavours.


Prepare this delicious roast sumac pumpkin and spinach salad to elevate either main.

Roast sumac pumpkin and spinach salad

This vibrant roast sumac pumpkin & spinach salad features the earthy sweetness of roasted pumpkin with a tangy kick of sumac.


Finish your alfresco dining experience with a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake slice, the perfect end to an outdoor dining Easter.

White chocolate & raspberry cheesecake slice

Indulge in the decadent fusion of creamy white chocolate and tart raspberry atop a velvety cheesecake base.