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Burger recipes

Here’s where you’ll find all of our favourite homemade burger recipes.

Looking for the best burger recipes? Whether you’re after burger classics like beef burgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers or veggie burgers, a gourmet burger made with lamb mince or a vegan burger recipe, you’re sure to find the perfect burger for your plate in this recipe collection. Or mix and match different recipe ideas to build your perfect burger, from the patty to the bun. If you want to create a healthier burger, here are some handy tips to follow. Swap buttery brioche buns for wholegrain or high fibre, low GI bakery rolls. Choose reduced-fat mayo or swap it for yoghurt, veggie dip or mashed avocado. Fresh tomato salsa is a simple swap for ketchup. Make healthier cheeseburgers using reduced-fat cheese, and add extra veggies where you can. Enjoy these easy burger recipes.

Lamb and beef burger recipes

When you want a traditional burger, nothing beats a classic beef burger or cheeseburger recipe. We’ve brought together our best burger recipes made with beef mince, lamb mince and convenient beef patties from Coles. If you’re looking for a healthier option, try boosting the goodness in your beef patty by adding mushroom mince or canned beans to the mix. Once you’ve chosen your patty, it’s all about the toppings. Go for traditional fillings like lettuce, tomato and beetroot, or get creative with different dips, sauces and salad ingredients. Finally, you’re going to need a great bun for your burger - will it be on-trend brioche, a crusty roll or something seeded? Whatever you choose, you’re in for a tasty meal.

Pork, turkey & chicken burger recipes

Chicken burger recipes are an all-time favourite. Whether you’re buying your burgers in convenience packs from Coles or making your own patties using 100% RSPCA Approved Australian Chicken Mince, these recipes have lots of easy ideas for adding flavour and fun to your burger. We even have healthy burger recipes here too. To mix it up, swap chicken mince for turkey mince or pork mince, or use a chicken schnitzel or pork schnitzel instead of a patty. When it comes to fillings you’ll find lots of simple ideas, from lettuce, tomato and beetroot to mashed or sliced avocado, crisp veggie ribbons and crunchy slaw mix.

Vegetarian & vegan burger recipes

What do you think of when you hear the words veggie burger? If what springs to mind is a mystery vegetable-based patty on a bun, you may be surprised at how versatile vegetarian and vegan burgers can be. You can buy great-tasting meat-free and plant-based patties from Coles to use in these recipes, or shape your own homemade patties using plant-based mince. Beyond the patty, there are lots of easy ways to put together a delicious burger without meat. We’re talking fried haloumi, chargrilled veggies and crispy tofu. For an extra hit of veg, why not get creative and use flat mushrooms or lettuce instead of the bun?