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Curtis Stone's Easter classics menu

Packed with refreshing flavours, these special dishes are perfect for any celebration.


Indulge this Easter with Curtis Stone's classics menu, crafted to elevate your holiday feast to new heights. From delicious starters to sumptuous mains featuring special cuts of pork, succulent fish, tender lamb, and delightful seafood options, each dish promises to be one the family will love. Accompanied by carefully curated sides that enhance every flavour, and culminating in a decadent dessert finale, this menu is sure to be a huge success. Join us in embracing the spirit of Easter with a Curtis Stone menu that brings together tradition and innovation.


Start your big Easter meal off on the right foot with this delicious pork belly crackling starter, with tangy lime and fragrant herbs.

Crackling pork belly with herbs & lime

Indulge in crackling pork belly, kissed with aromatic herbs and zesty lime, a crispy, juicy sensation that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds.


Choose from either a herb-crusted lamb complemented by a cannellini bean salad or a crispy salmon meal featuring a delish cucumber and fennel salad.

Herb-crusted lamb with cannellini bean salad

Savour our herb-crusted lamb, complemented by a zesty cannellini bean salad, a tantalising symphony of savoury goodness and vibrant flavours in every bite.

Crispy salmon with cucumber and fennel salad

Dive into crispy salmon, paired with a refreshing cucumber and fennel salad, a harmonious dance of flavours and textures that delights the senses.


Elevate your main with these delicious spicer carrot fritters. The date-mustard sauce add extra spring to the fritters.

Spiced carrot fritters with date-mustard sauce

Delight in these spiced carrot fritters, perfectly paired with a tantalising date-mustard sauce, a flavourful fusion that dances on your taste buds.


A lemon meringue is the ideal way to end this traditional Easter meal. Zesty lemon and decadent meringue. Perfection.

Sky-high lemon meringue pie

Indulge in a sky-high lemon meringue pie, where tangy lemon curd meets fluffy clouds of meringue atop a buttery crust, pure dessert euphoria!