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What's for dinner?

We've expanded the 'What's for dinner?' section you know and love to help you with family meals that suit your budget. Find recipes for under $10, $15 and $25* below as well as quick and easy recipes in under 30 minutes with 5 ingredients. 

Welcome to your destination for stress-free and budget friendly meals. Tired of thinking about what's for dinner? We've got you covered with an array of easy and budget-friendly recipes that help make mealtimes a breeze. Our collection of recipes takes the guesswork out of meal planning, offering delicious solutions to satisfy the family without breaking the bank. From quick weeknight wonders to comforting classics, discover a variety of meal options that are as convenient as they are tasty. Whether you're a seasoned home chef or a busy parent, our goal is to make family meals quick and easy. 

What's for dinner for under $10*

What's for dinner for under $15*

What's for dinner for under $25*

*Total cost of the recipe is approximate based on the ingredient portions used in the recipe. Ingredient costs are based on the highest national prices, as at 17/04/2024, excluding stores in the Northern Territory and North Western Australia. Prices and availability of items and brands may differ from store to store.