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How to create an easy and delicious lunchbox

We’ve rounded up our top back-to-school recipes to keep everyone happy.

To help make school lunches a breeze, we've created recess and lunch ideas using homemade bites and handy buys from Coles, plus some handy recipes for after-school snacks, too. Mix and match them to build the ultimate bento box for colour and variety.

Hints and tips to create a stand out lunchbox

From handy ways to get more fruit and veg in school lunches to freezer-friendly recipes, these tips and tricks will help make prepping any lunchbox a breeze.

Add some colour to your lunchbox with these fruit and veg

Add extra goodness to any lunchbox with these kid-approved fresh picks.

Healthy lunchbox fillers the kids will love

You'll never be caught short on lunchbox snacks with these great-value buys in the fridge and pantry.

Take the Coles Builders Lunchbox Challenge!

Try adding different coloured fruit and veg to level up your lunchbox! Choose a suitable reward for your child for when they complete the challenge, add it to the poster and get started!

Level up your lunch with fruit and veg

You can pick up a FREE poster in store or download one below. Plus, you can also download a certificate for when they complete the challenge!

Coles lunchbox challenge poster with fruit and veg in the background