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Slow cooker recipes

Slow cooker your new best friend in the kitchen.

Hate fuss but love to cook warming dinners that are full of flavour? Make the slow cooker your new best friend in the kitchen. This convenient appliance does all the hard work for you while you go about your day. With just a little prep in the morning, you can create easy slow cooker recipes like tender lamb and mushroom ragu or pulled pork that will be ready to serve up at dinnertime. 

While the slow cooker is best known for turning out irresistible beef, pork, lamb and chicken dishes, the possibilities don't stop there. The slow cooker is also a great way to cook soup, risotto, vegetables and even desserts like our slow cooker mandarin and almond cake. Discover the range of impressive slow cooker recipes from Coles - there's something for every season and occasion.

Chicken slow cooker recipes

Cooking chicken in the slow cooker is an easy and delicious way to get perfectly tender results everytime. Whether you're after easy dinner recipes you can prep in advance or impressive set-and-forget mains to feed a crowd, Coles has slow cooker chicken recipes to suit any occasion. The slow cooker is also ideal for simmering broths and soups, including winter classics like our must-try slow cooker chicken and corn soup. No matter the cut of chicken, you'll find a tasty recipe to make the most of it. We have loads of slow cooker chicken breast recipes, as well as ideas for chicken thighs and drumsticks - give our Italian-style slow cooker chicken a go for family-friendly dinner. Feeling adventurous? Try this delicious whole chicken with rice and mushrooms for your next Sunday roast.

Meat-free slow cooker recipes

Don't reserve the slow cooker for meat dishes or put it away in summer, it can be used to turn out delicious vegetarian meals, too. Ideal for veggie risottos, stews and curries, check out all the delicious vegetarian slow cooker recipes from Coles. Slow cook your favourite veggies until tender and flavoursome, then add ingredients like leafy greens just before you serve up. With no constant stirring required, you can step away and get on with your day while the slow cooker works its magic. Slow cookers are also a fuss-free way to cook lentils. Try tasty vegetarian slow cooker recipes with lentils like our set-and-forget slow cooker turmeric and coconut dhal for a nourishing meal.

Beef slow cooker recipes

Beef and slow cookers are an unbeatable team in the kitchen. From fragrant curries to stews and chilli, there are loads of delicious slow cooker beef recipes from Coles to choose from. You can even cook classics like beef stroganoff and slow cooker spaghetti and meatballs. Beef is ideal for the slow cooker as even the toughest cuts can be transformed into meltingly tender meals. Blade, chuck or gravy beef are all great options - try Coles Australian No Added Hormones Beef Chuck Steak in our wholesome spring beef casserole. With this collection of the best beef slow cooker recipes from Coles, it's easy to sit back, relax and make some kitchen magic.

Slow cooker pork recipes

Pork is a tasty addition to slow-cooked meals, adding depth and flavour to a range of dishes including curries and stews. When choosing pork cuts to slow cook, try pork shoulder, forequarter chops, ham hocks or even sausages. Tender slow-cooked pork is also a great way to take family favourites up a notch. Make your own pulled pork to add to wraps, pizzas and Mexican dishes like tachos or nachos. See how it's done in our Mexican-style pulled pork with slaw. For more ideas and inspiration, check out all the easy pork slow cooker recipes from Coles.

Wholesome slow cooker recipes

After warming, fuss-free and wholesome meals? Look no further than these healthy slow cooker recipes from Coles. The slow cooker is a great way to prepare hearty dinners like braised tomato lamb chops with fetta. You can also make delicious soups and stocks, loaded with veggies and lean protein. For a warming soup that's packed with veg, try our slow cooker Thai-style pumpkin soup. It's perfect for a nourishing lunch or dinner that will warm you up from the inside out.