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  • Peanut free
  • Sesame free
  • Shellfish free
  • Seafood free
  • Vegetarian

This easy chocolate mug cake recipe delivers a tasty treat and sweet fix in minutes – no oven required!

  • Makes1
  • Cook time1 minute
  • Prep time5 minutes, (+ 5 mins cooling time)
Chocolate mug cake


  • 1/3 cup (50g) self-raising flour
  • 2 tbs brown sugar
  • 1 tbs cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) milk
  • 1 tbs light olive oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
  • 1 Coles Australian Free Range Egg
  • 20g dark or milk chocolate
  • Cream or ice cream, to serve
  • Chocolate sauce, to serve (optional)
  • Toasted flaked almonds, to serve (optional)

Nutritional information

Per serve: Energy: 2858kJ/684 Cals (33%), Protein: 17g (34%), Fat: 35g (50%), Sat Fat: 11g (46%), Sodium: 490mg (25%), Carb: 76g (25%), Sugar: 36g (40%), Dietary Fibre: 4g (13%).

Check ingredient labels to make sure they meet your specific dietary requirements and always consult a health professional before changing your diet. View dietary information here.

Percentage Daily Intake information on our recipes is calculated using the nutrition reference values for an average Australian adult.


  1. Step 1

    Combine the flour, sugar and cocoa in a large 1¼ cup-capacity (375ml) mug. Add the milk, oil, vanilla and egg and use a fork to whisk to combine. Push the chocolate into the centre of the batter.

  2. Step 2

    Cook in the microwave on high for 1 1/4 mins (75 seconds). Remove from the microwave and set aside for 5 mins to cool slightly.

  3. Step 3

    Serve with cream or ice cream.

Recipe tip


Crumble leftover chocolate microwave mug cake and use it as a topping for ice cream, along with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and any other toppings you like. Or blend leftover mug cake with vanilla ice cream and milk for a rich and creamy milkshake.


Chocolate mug cake recipe

A cake that’s ready in less than 7 minutes with barely any washing up to do? Sign us up! When cravings hit and you need a speedy sweet treat, you can whip up this easy chocolate mug cake with ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard. Chocolate mug cakes are so simple and quick to make, which means these cheeky treats for one can deliver a no-fuss chocolate fix in moments. And with minimal prep required – it’s all made in just one mug – there’s no need to faff around getting the baking tins out or preheating the oven. Just spoonfuls of sweet gooey chocolate mug cake goodness, fast. 

How to make microwave chocolate mug cake

If you’ve wondered if you can really make a chocolate cake in a mug recipe, the answer is yes! And it’s pretty much a foolproof method. You just need a microwave and a large microwave-safe mug, add your dry ingredients straight into the mug first, followed by your wet ingredients, then stir to combine. Next comes pieces of any type of chocolate you have on hand – this is vital to create a gooey molten centre. You can use leftover Easter eggs, that block of chocolate you have in the back of the fridge, anything! Then pop in the microwave for a few minutes until it fluffs up into a spongy delight (you may need to adjust the cooking time slightly based on your specific microwave). Serve with ice cream or cream if you’re feeling extra indulgent.

Can you make an egg-free or dairy-free mug cake?

A few simple switches to this gooey chocolate mug cake recipe and you can make a vegan mug cake that is egg and dairy-free. Swap out the milk for any plant-based milk, such as oat or almond milk, and swap out the egg for an extra tablespoon of olive oil. You can also adjust the mug chocolate cake recipe based on whatever ingredients you have available in the pantry. Add hints of your favourite flavours – try adding some finely grated orange zest, a pinch of instant coffee powder or a dash of peppermint essence. They’d all work well to create a bespoke snack you can dish up as a next-level afternoon tea treat.  

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