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Celebrate the scariest time of year with these spooky monster biscuit pops. A treat the kids are sure to love, these monster biscuits are an easy winner.

  • Makes28
  • Prep time10 minutes, + setting time
Monster biscuit pops


  • 2 x 133g pkts Oreo Original biscuits
  • 300g white chocolate melts, melted
  • Green food colouring, to tint
  • Coles Bake & Create Eyeball Decorations, to decorate
  • Mentos Mints, to decorate
  • Black writing icing, to decorate
  • Coles Halloween Sprinkles, to decorate
  • Mixed lollies (such as M&M’s or Skittles), to serve

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  1. Step 1

    Line a large baking tray with baking paper. Insert a lollipop stick or skewer into the filling of each biscuit. Place on the lined tray. Divide chocolate evenly between 2 small bowls. Tint 1 portion green. Holding 1 biscuit over the bowl at a time, spoon green chocolate over half the biscuits to coat. Place on the lined tray and attach 1 eyeball decoration or mint to each biscuit. Use black writing icing to decorate mints to make eyes. Sprinkle with sprinkles. Set aside to set.
  2. Step 2

    Meanwhile, spoon most of remaining white chocolate over remaining biscuits. Place on lined tray and attach eyeball decorations. Place remaining white chocolate in a small sealable bag. Cut off 1 corner and drizzle over the biscuits to make bandages. Set aside to set.
  3. Step 3

    Place the biscuit pops in a small bucket filled with lollies to serve.