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Cook 5 delicious recipes with 1 grocery run to reduce food waste

It helps you plan ahead and use ingredients across multiple meals, saving you time and money.

Your dinner ingredients for the week

Use your ingredients to make these recipes for the week

Monday: Ginger chicken and brown rice bowls

Try these flavourful and nutritious bowls featuring marinated chicken, aromatic ginger and wholesome brown rice, a convenient and satisfying meal.

Marinate all of the chicken, then cover and refrigerate. Cook half on Monday night for the rice bowl, then cook the rest of the chicken on Wednesday night for the chicken salad.

For quick cooking and less leftovers, swap the rice for a 450g pkt microwavable rice.

To use up any remaining marinade, coat another 1kg chicken leg fillets and freeze in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Thaw in the fridge overnight before chargrilling.

Tuesday: BBQ lamb and vegetables with capsicum sauce

Smoky BBQ lamb meets charred vegetables in this hearty recipe, all topped with a delicious capsicum sauce.

Use the lamb shoulder in two meals - roast it on Tuesday night, then shred it and store in an airtight container in the fridge to use in the pasta dish on Thursday night.

Cook all the corn on Tuesday night, then reserve 2 cobs to use in the chicken salad.

Wednesday: Chilli-ginger chicken salad

Chilli-ginger infused chicken stars in this vibrant salad, a tantalising fusion of heat and freshness in every bite.

Thursday: Lamb pasta with fetta and lemon

Luscious lamb embraced al dente pasta, harmonizing with tangy feta and a zesty squeeze of lemon - a Mediterranean melody on your plate.

Friday: Fetta, spinach and sourdough frittata

This fetta, spinach and sourdough frittata is not only a great start to the day, it’s a great way to use up ingredients at the end of the week.