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10 easy lunchbox fillers

Looking for some kid-approved lunchbox fillers? These easy snacks are not only great at recess, they’re ideal for busting after-school hunger too.

1. Carrot, zucchini and ricotta muffins

These mouth-watering muffins are a great way to squeeze in a hidden serve of veggies during schooltime.

2. Pea hommus

Try this flavour-packed hommus for a filling school snack you can whip up in a flash.

3. Chocky rock cookies

Crunchy and golden, this tasty treat is the perfect alternative to store-bought cookies. They’re packed with oats, cornflakes and choc chips for a sweet surprise. 

4. Raspberry coconut bliss balls

These fruity bliss balls are guaranteed to get the kids’ tick of approval. Even better, they’re done and dusted in 10 minutes.

5. No-bake chia muesli bars

These fuss-free muesli bars are packed with goodness, plus they’re a cinch to make. They’re a great lunchbox filler or afternoon tea snack.

6. Gluten-free banana and coconut bread

Take lunchbox snacks to the next level with this moist banana bread.

7. Easy scrolls

After a savoury snack the kids will love? These golden pastries are a smart snack for the school lunchbox.

8. Orange sunshine muffins

Muffins are a lunchbox favourite, especially when they’re bursting with zesty flavour. Make a batch ahead of time and store them in the freezer.

9. Oat choc cookies

After a quick fix for the school lunch box? Look no further than these oaty cookies you can whip up in a flash.

10. Apricot and oat muesli slice

Keep the kids happy in the playground with this muesli slice. It’s packed with fruity flavour and crunch.