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10 freezer meals you can make ahead

Save your future self some time and give our double-portion recipes a go. Not only will they make midweek meals more manageable, they’re also a good way to reduce food waste.

1. Chorizo & tomato bake

This tasty, freezable bake is perfect for cooler nights.

2. Freezable veggie risotto with parmesan crisps

Full of veggies, this risotto is a great meat-free option.

3. Avgolemono

This zesty lemon soup is a must-try. It’s a hearty dish made with rice and egg.

4. Lamb & bean casserole with mint pesto

This tasty lamb and bean casserole is served with homemade mint pesto.

5. Beef & herb meatballs with creamy pepper sauce

A great autumn dish, these creamy meatballs are great to keep in the freezer for busy nights.

6. Freezable zucchini and chorizo slice

This tasty zucchini and chorizo slice is an easy way to get loads of veggies on your plate.

7. Slow cooker Thai-style pumpkin soup

Packed with flavour, this Thai-style recipe gives pumpkin soup a boost. 

8. Green pea chicken curry

This colourful green pea chicken curry will warm you up from the inside out. 

9. Salmon and leek pasta bake

Save time washing up with this simple one-tray pasta bake. 

10. Slow cooker Moroccan-style lamb lentil soup

With rich, tender lamb, this Moroccan style soup is a must-try.