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10 great garlic recipes

These simple and delicious dishes all have one thing in common - garlic! Normally the unsung hero of savoury cooking, these recipes highlight this essential ingredient.

1. Curtis Stone's BBQ lamb racks with lime-garlic sauce

This Asian-inspired BBQ lamb rack recipe is a great way to brighten up your winter menu. Served with a zesty sauce, this dish is one to impress.

2. Rosemary, garlic and potato focaccia

With rosemary, garlic and potato, this herbed focaccia is full of flavour. Ready to cook in just 20 minutes, it makes the perfect side.

3. Roasted garlic and basil aioli

Nothing beats homemade aioli, especially when it has rich flavours of garlic and basil. Serve it with chips or roast potato, or use it to take your sandwiches to the next level.

4. Courtney Roulston’s BBQ scallops with chilli and garlic butter

Try Courtney’s BBQ scallops with chilli and garlic butter as an entree for your next dinner party. They’re loaded with flavour and ready in 15 minutes.

5. Curtis Stone's garlic and herb mashed potato

Inspired to whip up some creamy mashed potato after watching Junior MasterChef? Curtis Stone reveals his must-try recipe and secret tips for making the best mashed potato ever.

6. Creamy chicken with lemon and garlic

On the hunt for the family feed? Our creamy lemon chicken is the perfect solution. It's deliciously tangy and ready to serve in 30 minutes.

7. Garlic and oregano steak with olive peperonata

Turn on the barbie this week and get ready to grill up some steak. Served with potatoes and olive peperonata for a dish the whole family will love.

8. Curried garlic prawns

Quick and easy, these curried garlic prawns are the perfect weeknight meal. Serve with sliced chilli to turn up the heat.

9. Potato, garlic and thyme torte

This mouth-watering potato, garlic and thyme torte is the perfect dish to complete your Easter spread.