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10 more reasons to love bacon

Here are 10 more reasons to love bacon - if you didn’t already need them! From easy frittatas to pasta to fried rice, this collection has it all.

1. Big breakfast pizza

Recreate a brekkie classic with this big breakfast pizza. It’s loaded with mouth-watering favourites including bacon, eggs and mushrooms.

2. Easy bacon and leek frittata

Need some weeknight dinner inspiration? This fuss-free frittata comes to the rescue for a flavour-packed meal the family will love.

3. Creamy chicken and snow pea penne

Easy to make, this creamy penne dish is done in less than 30 mins.

4. Last-minute fried rice 

Quick and easy, this last-minute fried rice is a family winner.

5. Zucchini corn fritters with bacon

These golden zucchini and corn fritters, stacked with crispy bacon and served with oven-roasted tomatoes, are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

6. Bacon-wrapped beef with garlic mushrooms

Take midweek meals to the next level with tender steak wrapped in bacon and served with mushrooms and spinach in garlic butter. It’s on the table in just 20 minutes!

7. Country-style chicken pies

Craving comfort food? Tuck into these mini chicken pot pies packed with a rich bacon filling.

8. Corn and bacon chowder

Hearty and wholesome, this corn and bacon chowder is a winning dish.

9. Beetroot and bacon zucchini slice

Whip up this make-ahead slice for dinner or an easy work lunch.

10. No-cook salmon Caesar salad 

This no-cook salad is fresh, flavoursome and ready to eat in no time.